Helios Intercom Catalogue

Client: 2N Telekomunikace
Services: Concept / Graphic design / Prepress / Printing
Cooperation: Michael Petrus (Illustration)

2N Telekomunikace is an international technological company focused, among other things, on the development and production of a telecommunication solution. Our task is to create a representative catalogue of intercoms for users and the professional public, which would express the young spirit of the company and be capable of presenting products from the company’s broad portfolio under a single platform.

We built the graphics solution on the contrast of the technical perfection of the 2N products and hand drawings. The “noir” comics form seems ideal; it lends the catalogue a distinct creative style and enables us to link specific products with their environments even without photographing. The stylish white numerals on the black background uncompromisingly also divides the individual chapters of the publication.