New visual style for Prague Spring 2020

Client: Prague Spring
Services: Visual style / Campaign
Cooperation: Miroslav Klíma (Copywriting)

What happens in the heart of the listener to Beethoven's Ode to Joy? How does he feel when Mozart's Little Night Music is performed? The answer to those questions is our new visual campaign for the Prague Spring music festival. Classical music festival offers almost 50 concerts of symphonic orchestra, chamber orchestra and soloists every year. This year's 75th season ranks it among the longest-running festivals worldwide.

The new visual style for 2020 works as an excursion into the miraculous world of musical terminology. Pianissimo, allegro, triste, maestoso and other terms come to life on the posters and evoke the unique atmosphere experienced by every visitor to the festival. Classical music doesn't have to be all that serious. On the contrary; it's playful and emotional, and that's exactly what the new campaign is like.