The Greatest Show 2019/20

Client: Hilton Prague
Services: Graphic design / Prepress / Webdesign / Website Developement
Cooperation: Impire (Developement)

New Year’s Eve in Hilton Prague is a formidable event, held in one of the most luxurious hotels in the capital. Our studio had to capture all of the shine and glamour of the unforgettable party night into one key visual, yet avoiding any clichés. The Greatest Show theme doesn’t leave any doubt for the viewer that the event will be the ONE spectacular party of that night.

A must-see event, with various performances and the charming vibe, is represented by a key-character – a magician, an entertainer, who has quite literally hand-full of tricks. Clever conceptual photo manipulation communicates to the audience that the Hilton Hotel offers a good deal of entertainment for those who crave extraordinary moments.